Preschool Room

Preschool Room

Preschool Classes in Wilkes Barre, PA

Our preschool programs at Little Wiggles and Giggles Learning Center provides child care and foundational learning opportunities for three-five year old children. In preparation for kindergarten, your child will learn their numbers 1-20, the letters of the alphabet and how to write their name. Your child will be able to experience exciting field trips too!

Our educated staff teaches essential behaviors like following directions, sharing with others and learning manners to help them mold into a quality person in society. It’s our goal to teach children life skills they will carry with them throughout their school age years and beyond.

We welcome children of all ages from Wilkes Barre, PA and beyond. In addition to a preschool room, our learning center is proud to provide quality care for infants, toddlers and kids entering school.

When your child is ready, choose child care you can trust!

Learn. Laugh. Grow. Play.

If you are interested in enrolling your child into our preschool program, contact us today at (570) 208-9125.