School Age

School Age

Before & After School Care in Wilkes Barre, PA

Little Wiggles and Giggles Learning Center in Wilkes Barre, PA provides child care before and after school for children ages five – 12 years old. In this classroom, our caring and qualified teachers will guide your children with their homework and projects. By continuing to learn the qualities of being a respectful individual in society, our staff will work with your child to teach them how to respect themselves, others, and property. Your child will also learn the boundaries to which they are expected to stay within. This classroom is designed to maintain qualities of a positive person within society.

Our learning center also includes an infant room, toddler programs and preschool classes. It’s our hope to have had the opportunity to educate your child and positively influence their development as they approach entry into school.

When your child is ready, choose child care you can trust!

Learn. Laugh. Grow. Play.

For more information about our before and after school programs, contact us today at (570) 208-9125.